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When it comes to the service world, it is important for the managing partners to have a process to measure ethical values of the company.    These processes must meet the standards set forth by the government of the region. Patients must be able to measure Them. The facility must be able to model them.  It is not wise to solely think in view of whether your facility has met governmental guidelines.   That in itself will lead to inferior services to the patients.  Therefore, balance is necessary.    Patients' feedback is of paramount importance.  What you do for governmental does not necessarily transplant to patients' satisfaction.  your employees must understand the necessity to provide superior, compassionate patient care.  Patients must feel they are respected.  Employees must not be allowed to address patients by their first name. In the case where the patient is a minor, the employee must address the guardian, then the patient.  Doing so keeps the minor connected to the guardian that he or she is familiar with.  It keeps the minor feeling protected though in an unfamiliar environment.   
After the procedure, the provider must be alert to whether the patient or minor is exiting the facility feeling all their needs were met.  Achieving this, however challenging it maybe , is not impossible.   It requires all providers doing their part, respecting the patient's privacy and dignity and empathize with the patient.   

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